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350 FPS


22 RPS

Rate of Fire

40 MS


280 ft




  • Modified VFC 8mm V2 Gearbox Shell

  • 18:1 Siegetek CNC Gear Set

  • Infinity CNC 30,000 RPM Motor

  • GATE Titan V2 Advanced w/ Programer/Locked to Semi

  • Rocket Labs 8mm Steel Bushings

  • ASG m125 Steel Tempered Spring

  • Lonex POM Piston Head w/ ANgle of Engagement Modification

  • SHS Full Steel tooth heat treated Piston

  • Speed Industries Adjustable modified trigger

  • Modify V2 Modified Tappet Plate

  • G&G Tappet Spring

  • Polished VFC Ported Cylinder

  • Modify V2 S303 Stainless Steel Cylinder Head

  • VFC POM Air Nozzle with internal O-ring

  • Maxx PRO CNC Hopup Chamber w/ LED Tracer

  • Flat Hopped Prometheus Bucking

  • Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel

  • PTS Radian Arms AEG Charging Handle

-Long range; our most powerful AEG.

-Nearly instant trigger response.

-Programmable rate of fire.

-Self-contained; easy transport.

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